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Ocean of forgiveness

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Andreja Soleil | Decultural


Andreja Soleil | Decultural


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Andreja Soleil | Decultural

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Andreja Soleil lives and works in Leipzig, Baltic Sea, Germany and Mallorca, Spain. Andreja is a master of plein air painting (French: en plein air / in the open air). The painter is particularly moved by the constantly changing dynamics of the ocean.

She has found her personal place of strength in this maritime landscape. Nature always paints along with her. Her painting style lives strongly from waves, spray and the sea.

Landscapes of a completely different kind can be found on the artist’s large-format canvases, which are created in her studio. Nature, especially the play with light, always flows into magical-realistic works. The mixture of mythical and realistic moments creates an arc of suspense that invites you to go deeper and discover. She describes painting and influences as follows:

“Fairy tales and myths have accompanied me since early childhood. Woven materials in which the boundaries of reality, dream and fiction blur, overlap, unite – Other Worlds.”

Painting means to be fully in the moment and to be attentive, to see what is coming – process of processing – journey into inner worlds from which deeply hidden things penetrate to the outside.

I love the wildness of the sea. Especially in winter, the ocean tells its own stories. Often there are only a few moments to capture the sea in its vividness. Lashing rain and Baltic sand are as much a part of my toolkit as brushes and colors.

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Andreja Soleil | Decultural
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