Reinhard Stammer

The bold works of Reinhard Stammer seems to form a direct stream from his subconscious mind to the canvas surface. The viewer of his paintings must quietly decode a multitude of symbols, picture signs, thoughts, feelings, memories.

Reinhard Stammer | Decultural Online Art Gallery | Mallorca - Adelante


Elena Gatti is an Argentinian painter who lives in Mallorca. Gatti’s work is characterized by her use of warm colors and fine brushstrokes, and her subjects often include women, flowers, and landscapes. Her paintings are notable for their emotional intensity and poetic qualities, as well as their incorporation of elements of still-life and realism.

Elena Gatti | Decultural Online Art Gallery | Mallorca

Gisela Hammer

Gisela Hammer is a contemporary German artist whose works express a clear moral message, and this shapes her aesthetic. Her clear imagery is authentic and unmistakable, the use of her colors is safe, expressionistic and characterized by a strong style.


Bea Schubert

Bea Schubert is a German artist who creates abstract works that inspire hope and happiness. “I decided to show joy and beauty. My latest series HEROES is inspired by David Bowie’s hopeful song.”


Llorenç Garrit

Llorenç Garrit is a masterful artist with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity. His work is a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, and his use of vibrant colors and intricate textures is truly breathtaking.



Andreja Soleil is a master of plein air painting. The painter is particularly moved by the constantly changing dynamics of the ocean. She has found her personal place of strength in this maritime landscape.



Carlos Penas is a very creative artist known for his unique style and creative vision. His artwork is a reflection of his passion for art and his commitment to pushing boundaries.


Daniela Zeier

Daniela Zeier has a profound impact on the lives of the people she meets. She is a passionate ambassador of the transformative power of art.


Abstract art has long been a source of intrigue and inspiration for centuries. It has been a tool for artists to express themselves in ways that are difficult to describe or explain. Abstract art is often seen as a controversial topic, as it can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the individual and their level of knowledge or understanding. Abstract art focuses on the exploration of color, form, and texture to create art that is meant to evoke emotion and thought rather than depict literal images. This type of art is considered to be some of the most difficult to understand, as it relies heavily on the individual’s interpretation and understanding of the artwork. At its core, abstract art is an attempt to make sense of the chaos and complexity of the world around us. It is a way for artists to explore their creative vision and the ideas that are beyond words. Many of the abstract artworks we see today were created over a century ago, yet they still remain to be relevant and inspiring. Although abstract art is often seen as a challenging form of expression, it can also be seen as liberating and eye-opening. It allows us to look at the world from a different perspective, and appreciate its beauty in ways that we may never have before. By studying abstract art, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. Abstract art is a powerful form of expression that can provoke thought, emotion, and discussion. It is a unique and complex form of art that can challenge us to see the world in a new way.